Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Big Eye Circles and Natural Circle Lenses: What is Your Choice?

Geo CM905- Berry Cessy Violet Grey 14.2mm diameter

Princess Mimi Starmish Brown 15mm diameter

Barbie Nudy Blue & Green- 16.2 mm diameter

Big eye circle lenses and natural circle lenses are also known as “Korean Circle Lenses”. Big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses both refer to the same product i.e. “soft circle contact lenses” with bigger diameter. On the other hand; “natural circle lenses” are those circle contact lenses that come with the diameter that is the size of average human iris.

Big eye circle lenses are sometimes opaque that do not only make your eyes look huge and dolly but also cover your original eye color completely. Contrary to this though natural circle lenses are also available in different colors and patterns they keep your eyes look natural and less-striking.

Advantages of Big Eye Circle Lenses vs. Advantages of Natural Circle Lenses

1. Attention-Grabbin gvs Subtle Change

Big eye circle contact lenses are very striking and attention grabbing. They immediately enlarge your eyes for a kawaii or gyaru look. Big eye circle lenses are recommended to those with small eyes since this way it becomes easier to achieve big dolly eyes.

On the other hand; natural circle lenses do not enlarge your eyes. They are only worn to alter the color of your eyes. Natural circle lenses are suggested for people with introvert personalities who do want a change in their personality but want to keep it subtle.

2. Fashion Statement vs Casual Looks

For all the fashion savvy divas; big eye lenses are sure to make an impression. Follow your favorite celebrity wearing circle lenses or make your own style statement. Big eye circle lenses ensure to grab a second look for you from your onlookers.

Nonetheless; normal circle lenses are a perfect choice for crafting a “Casual daily look”. These circle contact lenses with normal diameter ranging from 14.00mm to 14.8mm can be worn on daily basis or at high school and office when your intentions are not to emphasize your personality.

3. Teen Agers vs Elderly

Normal Circle lenses and big eye circle lenses both bring a change in your personality. Whilst big eye circle lenses are typically sought by teenagers for a striking appearance; normal circle lenses are worn by people of all ages from children to elderly.

It is good to remember that big eye circle lenses are an item of party which requires complimenting makeup application for a well-blending and enchanting “big eye party inspired look”. Whereas with normal circle lenses you have liberty to enhance or even modify your natural eye color. See which celebrities are altering their eye color with big eye circle lenses. If Jenifer Anniston can put others in debate and wonder about her real eye color; then why cant you?

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