Sunday, 20 April 2014

Circle Contact Lenses for Teenagers

Circle Contact Lenses for Teenagers

There are various types of circle contact lenses available. The whimsical packaging, unique colors and fancy patterns of circle contact lenses can be a quick-sweet trap for you. Circle contact lenses are in vogue and are aspired mostly by teen-agers. Nonetheless; before jumping on the bandwagon of circle lenses, teenagers must take note of the following things.

If you are a beginner; start with natural looking circle contact lenses. Natural looking circle contact lenses are available in following forms.

  • Circle lenses with natural diameter i.e. 14-15mm
  • Circle lenses with less-striking limbal ring             
  • Circle lenses in multi tones.

Teenagers should stick to natural colors; those colors that are the closest match of their original eye color.

Stay away from special effects and crazy circle lenses in the beginning. They are though painted externally and does not usually interfere your vision; they can be a problem if you already don’t know how to deal with circle contact lenses

If you have dry eyes look for those circle contact lenses that have  a high water content; usually above 38%.

Circle lenses are available in both plano& prescription so you can get them as per your requirement

Most of the teen-agers feel bewitched by the dolly-eye effect that is produced by the “big” eye circle contact lenses. Once you learn to take care of circle lenses and get used to wearing circle contact lenses; you definitely have liberty to venture with other and even more flattering styles of big eye contact lenses.

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