Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses on Special Occasions

Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses on Special Occasions

If you have planned to try contact lenses on a special occasion or a festive to look stunning and unique; there are few things you should always be concerned about. Following these tips will ensure a safe &satisfied experience of wearing contact lenses.

Search online for an authentic Contact Lens Supplier
Buying contact lenses from an online retailer save you money and time. Since the online retailers do not have to pay rents it saves them money. Therefore the prices are often kept low by online suppliers than those you are subjected to find at your optometrist.

Get a Fresh Prescription
Meet your eye care professional for a fresh prescription if you wear circle lenses to correct your vision. Remember the prescription of circle lenses and glasses is not the same. The prescription of contact lenses contains additional values such as water content, base curve, pattern and brand name.

Keep your Contact Lenses Clean
Cleanliness is the key. For a good experience with colored lenses keep them always clean and disinfected. Always look for scratches on the surface of contact lenses before inserting them onto eyes. Replace your contact lenses every 8-10 months even though the life after opening the vials is a year. Replacing contact lens cases every three months is also mandatory.

Carry Supplies
When travelling carry supplies with contact lenses such as rewetting drops and contact lens cases. Even the most comfortable pair of contact lenses is unpredictable. Because you cannot guarantee the weather conditions. Too much wind or cold weather can inflict dryness in eyes. What worse an external agent can accidentally get into eyes and you will be needing to remove them immediately. Carrying a contact lens kit is recommended.

Get adjusted to Wearing Contact Lenses
Even though you are a frequent wearer of contact lenses you should give time to your newly purchased pair of contact lenses to get adjusted to your eyes. Contact lenses require a period of 7-14 days to get used to your eyes.

Contact lenses sometimes cause blurred vision, water trickling, burning and red eyes in first few wears. Start wearing your new pair of contact lenses daily for some two hours. After you think your contact lenses are fully comfortable you are now ready to wear them on special occasions.

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