Sunday, 20 April 2014

Celebrate your Birthday the “Mad-Hatter” Way: Mad-Hatter Cosplay

Mad-Hatter Cosplay

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a twist? Or do you want to spice-up your friend’s sweet-sixteenth birthday? Celebrating it the “Mad-Hatter” way will take your party to the next level. Get set ready for “Alice in the wonder-land” based theme tea party & to vivify the event get the “Star of the event” dressed-up like the famous fictional “Lewis Carroll’s” character ; “Mad- Hatter”.

To cosplay Mad-Hatter you will need several supplies. The costume can be prepared at home. Meanwhile you prepare the costume; place an order for Mad-Hatters Cosplay contact lenses. These cosplay contact lenses are 14mm which are yellow-green in color with yellow details around the center and green outer ring for an appropriate pop.

Mad hatter is famous for his zingy and crazy personality. His funky costume is attention-grabbing where as his large top-hat, orange disheveled wig, bow-tie and long coat seems overly-indulging. The over-all aura of Alice in the wonderland inspired theme tea-party is quite interactive if you manage to stack up the tea-pots and arrange the tea table with randomly placed mismatched saucers & teacups.

Mad-Hatter being the prominent element of your theme birthday party must be recreated in the way to attract the guests. His eyes are protruding, bright and very glowing which reflects the craziness of his character. The madness of Mad-Hatters’ cosplay is actually a secret; hidden in his vivid & glowing mad green eyes. Through Mad-Hatters Cosplay contact lenses you are surely to depict the same mad-expressions Lewis Carroll’s fictional character had.

Mad-Hatter Cosplay

Don’t forget to arrange some related games for the guests such as “pin the grin on Cheshire cat” or get plain white tea pots to let the children paint their own Alice inspired tea sets. Additionally; you can play “Alice in the wonderland” movies to revive your theme party and to rejuvenate the Mad-Hatter’s Cosplay. Let us enjoy the party Cosplay contacts speak whilst your zingy star plays naughty with Mad-Hatters cosplay contacts in eyes!

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