Friday, 25 April 2014

Icy Blue Cosplay Lenses for Little Mermaid: Little Mermaid Costume and Eyes

Little Mermaid cosplay

Ariel from little mermaid leaves bewitching & inspiring memories on the mind of a young girl. In childhood; girls would love to fall over everything with “Ariel’s” print onto it. Even after entering into teenage and grown up into a full adult; girls will not miss any chance to act and flaunt like “The Little Mermaid”. Her flouncy voluminous hair and her deep gorgeous marine blue eyes are a spell-bounding combination which holds the followers magnetized.

When should I wear Ariel’s “Little Mermaid” Costume?

Have you ever had the desire of dressing up like a Little Mermaid but you are still looking for a theme party or Halloween? Don’t just waste your time; since waiting randomly is not an answer. Make your way and create opportunities to bring your dreams into an action! You don’t even really need to be a cosplayer to be the mermaid. Here is why!

How about enticing your better-half at first date? Get into “Little Mermaid Costume” for which you need aquatic accessories, sea-shells and fins! Don’t forget you need Little Mermaid cosplay lenses too!

Ariel’s costume can also be worn at a “High School Singing Competition”. If you have a performance & you are a singer; be a drop-dead gorgeous singer and collect appreciation, cheers and applauds from the crowd!

Little Mermaid Eyes

 Little Mermaid cosplay

Though all Disney princesses boast open, shining and beautiful alert eyes; Ariel’s eyes are an exception. Her eyes are really expressive and playful; in fact they are the inseparable identity of Little Mermaid. Know it; you are halfway done if you manage to get your hair and eyes right! To imitate Little Mermaid eyes; consider employing icy blue contact lenses such as “Dolly Eye Blytheye blue”.

Little Mermaid cosplay

Blue cosplay lenses that boost up your senses and bring joyfully naughty looks in your eyes should be what you seek. Blue circle lenses with a thin black limbal ring and a decent enlargement effect are the prime values of Little Mermaid eyes. If you have slightly a darker complexion you can instead try “Beuberry Vivid blue circle lenses”. Use the right amount of eyeliner and fake eyelashes for an instant eye-catching pop!

Either you are singing at your high-school singing competition or you are about to enjoy your dream-date at beach; try to be as flexible as is Little Mermaid. Act curiously, look around naughtily. Live your moments in awe & wonder & use your body. Dance and go with the flow; those soft sexy curves of your body & huge blue intriguing eyes will blow the minds away!

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