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Be a Harajuku girl with Harajuku Makeup Accessories

Harajuku makeup is a famous method of cosmetic application that is traced back to Harajuku district in Shibuya, Japan. It is youth-oriented makeup application thus is quite famous amongst teen-agers of Japan. This specific style offers very artistic approach to makeup application and allows you to go as wild and funky with colors as your imagination can.

Be a Harajuku girl with Harajuku Makeup Accessories

The different styles of Harajuku makeup are Lolita, punk, gyaru, gothic lolita etc. Though most of the girls from Japan love to imitate classic gothic Lolita style which tends to be harmonious with pink; all the harajuku styles invite you to play with fun colors, circle lenses and lavish fake eyelashes.

  • Harajuku Makeup Tips

Harajuku makeup emphasizes on following makeup tools. Whether your chosen Harajuku style is extreme sexy or soft & feminine the following Harajuku makeup tips will help you adding a touch of perfection to your creation.

  • Harajuku Circle Lenses

You can’t be a Harajuku girl without wearing Harajuku circle lenses. Circle lenses help you achieve bigger eyes that are more feminine and doll like. Choose Harajuku circle lenses as per the requirement of your Harajuku style.

  • White/ Silver Eye liner

Harajuku style requires “big & bold” awaken eyes. To help create naughty energetic eyes; harajuku fashion experts recommend using white eye liner over the entire lid or at tear line. Alternatively; silver eye liner can also be used for illuminating eyes. Silver eye liner lined in the “v-form” at the outer corner of eyes draw attention towards eyes.

  • Bold Eyeshadow

Go abstract and wild with bold eye shadows. Get creative by mixing different eye shadows together or achieve mysterious eyes using pink and purple eyeshadow with golden and black at crease. There are no fixed rules for the Harajuku makeup so let your imagination flow and work!

  • Highlighting Powder

Cast a sexy sheen with highlighting powder at temples, brow bones and cheeks. The fluttering sexiness provided by a highlighter is the dominant element of Harajuku Makeup.

  • Harajuku Fake Eyelashes

No look gets a “finished look” unless you add a drape to your eyes with false eyelashes. Stella false eyelashes are one of the best brand for Harajuku styled false eyelashes. The instant drape and the volume added by these lashes to your own natural lashes is what set these Stella lashes different than others.

If you are a Harajuku lover; go wild and test your creativity. Your face is your canvas and your hands are the tools. Innovation is the key to success so let your ideas flow with Harajuku style. Don’t forget to avail 10% discount on Harajuku Collection at Uniqso!

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