Sunday, 16 March 2014

GEO BC101 Brown & Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Achieve huge but natural brown eyes with GEO BC101 circle lenses. These circle lenses are mono tone and has a very natural 14.2mm diameter. Geo BC101 circle lenses are very comfortable. The design though appears like a tornado; it gets faded as soon as you wear them in your eyes.

Geo BC101 brown circle lenses may also be one of your favorite if you are a teen ager or a high school girl. The simplicity of these lenses make them look appropriate for all the casual looks. 

On the other hand; if you are aiming for a slightly bold and anime eye look; fetch yourself a pair of Barbie Sugar Candy Pink circle lenses.
Barbie sugar candy pink are cute and romantic. They give a soft sexy look to dark colored eyes and hence are appropriate for a date with your better-half.

Barbie sugar candy pink has a huge dolly like enlargement. Here is a video review on Barbie Sugar Candy Pink that will help you know more about the model.

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