Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fancy an Ulzaang Look? Try Geo Ck109 Circle Lenses

GEO CK109 black colored contacts

GEO CK109 black colored contacts

GEO CK109 black colored contacts

Ulzzangs prefer to look natural and focus on big bold innocent eyes. They do wear big eye circle lenses in rather natural colors such as brown and black. Ulzaangs usually have natural hair color; particular to Asians. Therefore; to match their eyes with their hair color they wear natural looking big eye circle lenses. Ulzzang circle lenses are neither too big nor too small but are just right in size. GEO CK109 circle lenses can be one of the best circle lenses for you if you fancy an Ulzzang style. 

The pattern is swirly with 42% water content which makes these Geo circle lenses comfortable to wear. These black Geo circle lenses do not call for heavy makeup; so yaay if you are always packed in tough routine to find some time out for makeup. At the same time; these Geo circle lenses are also suitable for teen-agers and school going girls. 

Read Geo CK109 Review for more details. 

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