Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Seductive Ulzaang Face with Beuberry Red & Skin79 BB Cream

beuberry bb red colored contacts

beuberry bb red colored contacts

skin79 vip gold bb cream

basic ulzzang makeup

UNIQSO is celebrating Ulzzang month; where you are free to choose your favorite Ulzzang circle lenses at huge discounts. To be an Ulzzang you need big eye makeup accessories including circle lenses and BB cream that sets up the canvas of your face for further makeup application.

One of our sweetest customer has shared her "Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial" where she is wearing Beuberry BB Red Circle lenses and skin79 VIP Gold BB cream. Skin79 VIP gold BB cream is appropriate for oily skin types. It provides light to medium coverage which is suitable for daily wears but it does need a thin coat of concealer beneath if your have dark literally dark under eye circles. VIP Gold BB cream stays for a good duration of 6 hours and upto some extent conceals your blemishes. Skin79 VIP GOLD BB cream does not leave a whitish tinge behind; nor does it look greyish. It is bendable and oxidizes fast to match your skin tone. 

After applying Skin79 VIP Gold BB cream; she has focused on choosing Ulzaang circle lenses. She wears Beuberry BB Red circle lenses as these are very opaque and make your eyes look seductive. These Beuberry BB red circle lenses cast sexy gazes which are quite fascinating and heart-throbbing. Beuberry BB Red circle lenses look natural in design and are comfortable to wear. See how will look with these lenses in Beuberry BB Red circle lenses Review.

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