Thursday, 6 March 2014

Get Shimmering Eyes with Barbie Nudy Gold Big Eye Lenses

Barbie Nudy Gold colored contacts

Barbie Nudy Gold colored contacts

Barbie Nudy Gold big eye circle lenses are not less than a happy surprise for all the blondes. The gold in Barbie Nudy gold may sometimes appear slightly greenish gold under some artificial lightnings. Barbie Nudy Gold big eye circle lenses seem to do wonders not only on light eyes but also on dark eyes.

They produce a warming effect when worn upon dark eyes against dark hairs. On the other hand Barbie Nudy gold big eye circle lenses produce naughty looks when a pale blonde wears them. These circle lenses are fascinating with a simple but alluring design. Barbie Nudy gold circle lenses have a 16mm diameter- a big Yaay for all the big eye lovers. The enlargement however may not be very striking for some due to the thin outer ring. 

As long as you are looking for medium enlargement with super comfort and high water content; barbie nude gold circle lenses should be one answer to your desires. Do not forget to check the pictures of Barbie Nudy Gold circle lenses in the review.

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