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How to Take Good Selfies when Wearing Circle Contact Lenses

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How to Take Good Selfies when Wearing Circle Contact Lenses

It is an established fact that all humans are narcissistic creatures & they love to stay in the limelight. Most of us; especially women of all ages can relate how much we like to look best not only in real life but in even selfies or selcas. Snapping one best-shot can make your picture go viral.Learn below how to take good selfies to build the circle of your admirers. Hang on; first put your circle lenses on!

1. Choose Well-Lit & Well Ventilated Area
Before you start venturing with your digital camera; you should first choose a well-lit and well-ventilated area for capturing selcas. If your selected area is well-lit but not properly ventilated you will have annoyance at your face no matter how hard you try to suppress it. Always stay relax, cool and stay in fun mood when you begin with selcas.

Source of light should always be mounted infront you a bit up above the eye level. Light source when at back leaves you in shadow which entirely ruins the shot!

2. Artificial Lights Vs Sunlight
Now this needs a bit work out. Most often out door pictures are bright & clear. Sunlight often yields better results than artificial lights since it tends to highlight even the narrow details of the subject. If your focus is on any of your physical feature; try posing outside as it is considered the best tip to capture the crystal clear photos. On the other hand artificial lights highlight the flaws of your face. This includes irregular skin texture, facial zits & bumps and fine lines.

If unfortunately finding an area lit with natural-light is not possible for you; you can use a curtain or any other fabric to diffuse the light coming from a single source. This brings smoother results and flattering effects.

3. Strike a Pose
This is the trickiest thing. We all have preconceived notions that posing in a particular way will make us look seductive or cute. However; our selcas are often a disappointment. Guess why? The reason is over-exaggerated expressions. This includes the mistake we unknowingly commit while taking self-photos. Few examples are “Duck face” & “Wide Eyes”.

Pose cute with cute accessories around such as stuff toys and objects that best define your personality. If you are a book-worm; posing with a book in hand and a book rack at back will do.

A. Feature your facial features
If you want to feature your eyes or lips; better emphasize on them using a plumpy lip gloss or dramatic eye makeup respectively. The pout of your lips is best shown in a decent closed mouth coy smile than the awkward puckering gesture. When taking a selca to emphasize facial beauty; fill the frame up with your face & hair as much as possible without seeming ridiculous or fake.

B. Show something new
Want to break the news of your new fabulous hair cut or a new piece of jewelry - a nose pin or an earring? Go wild; because selfies are the best modern way to get into the limelight. Look for the best angle to press the capture button.

C. Be Loyal

Though photo-editing soft wares have brought remarkable change in the digital photography; you have to believe that the satisfaction brought by natural photos is far way “original” than those edited. When you take a selfie don’t go crazy for over-night fame. Have fun with filters; but avoid reshaping your body features for long-lasting fame.

If you are a makeup expert or a model; remember these tips when you have an urge to share a selfie with your fans next time. Be a bit patient; and find your inbox over-loaded with compliments in couple of days!

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