Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Get the Party Look with Glitter Stella False Eyelashes

Get the Party Look with Glitter Stella False Eyelashes
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Fashion trends change seasonally; but the element of luxuriously rich false eye lashes always sustain. When the craving is for innovative & glamorous false eyelashes; Stella false eyelashes are here to serve. “The glitter series” by Stella false eyelashes is a stunner and is suitable for both night & day looks.

Glitter Stella false eyelashes are soft and sensual. Unlike ordinary glitter local lashes; these glitter Stella false eyelashes are free from glitter and glue clumps. Stella sprays a very fine layer of glitter during the manufacturing process which prevents the formation of clumps. Glitter Stella false eyelashes provide you the edgy look for a party where you desire to look the sexiest.

Get the Party Look with Glitter Stella False Eyelashes

These glitter false eyelashes are good for adding up the thickness and volume to your lashes. Not only this; these lashes even alter the shape of your eyes if chosen wisely as per the requirement. They are available in several shapes such as the longest strands at the outer corner [5030]& lashes with crisscross arrangement of nylon strands [5032]. You can achieve the doe-eye look with the pair of glitter Stella false eyelashes mentioned former and with the later it becomes easier to add volume to the sparse lashes.

Get the Party Look with Glitter Stella False Eyelashes

Glitter Stella false eyelashes are glamorous, sexy and good for attention-seekers, models, dancers, costumes and for a night-out with your partner at club! The breath-taking, glitter encrusted strands of Stella false eye lashes will transform you into the “Goddess of Beauty” where the sparkle of your eyes outshine the shimmering lights of the pub.

Wear glitter Stella false eyelashes for a lavish makeup look and an exotic mind-blowing experience of beauty. Pair them up with a sultry smoldering Smokey-eye makeup look or wear them nude for a soft fairy look. Choice is yours; but the pleasure is all ours!

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