Monday, 24 March 2014

Create an Oomph with Stella Paper False Eyelashes

Stella Paper False Eyelashes

With the onset of Gyaru culture in Japan and other countries; the market of false eyelashes began to ripe. Japanese women have been observed to always create bigger eye looks for which they are often seem to take the support of big eye circle lenses and false eyelashes. The Gyaru culture appreciates the usage of “paper false eyelashes” since they give an oomph to their tiny eyes.

Stella paper false eyelashes are made from fine paper that is lightly water-proof. Every pair of Stella paper false eyelashes is infused with symbolic deep roots that can be traced into Chinese “origami” culture. The symbolic meanings make these Stella paper false eyelashes even more unique and are therefore recommended for all the attention-seekers.

Stella paper false eyelashes tell a story that fit on your lids to boast their specialties. The special water-proof light weight paper, precision cutting techniques and intricate design with a hidden story sets this brand ahead than others.

Stella Paper False Eyelashes

Stella paper false eyelashes are affordable which allows penetration of this gyaru trend in the masses. They create a big eye look whilst giving an oomph to your whole personality. Stella paper false eyelashes make it easier for cosplayers, models, and special-art performers to create meaningful and surprising looks. These eyelashes can be worn on special occasions. Wear these lashes at weddings or at photo shoots/editorials to stay in the memories.

Stella paper false eyelashes are very delicate so one should handle them with care. They are great fun false lashes which stay put nicely for a good 3 hours. Though one needs to practice before diving into the trend of paper false eyelashes; these Stella false eyelashes will turn out to be a good conversational piece as you add them into your makeup routine!

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