Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Can I wear Someone Else’s Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses provide crisp and crystal vision. When circle lenses are colored they are even able to enhance your personality for good. The several available designs with the facility of getting them in your prescription keeps circle lenses always a stage above than glasses. Circle lenses are medical devices even if you wear them in Plano. Therefore; they should be handled & treated likewise. Never share your circle contact lenses with anyone and vice versa. Learn why:

3 Reasons why should not you wear your Friend’s Circle Lenses?

  1. Circle lenses are regulated by US FDA which are often custom-fitted to patients’ eyes. The BC, diameter and water content which are suitable for your friend’s eye might not be necessarily healthy for you.
  2. In addition; if your friend’s circle lenses have a certain power you should avoid wearing them at all cost because wearing wrong prescription lenses may deteriorate your vision, leading you towards occasional dizziness & headache- sometimes even vision loss.
  3. Circle lenses call for supreme hygiene & sanitation. You cannot judge that how properly & regularly your friend has been following the contact lens care regime. You can guarantee yours; but not hers. Big eye lenses come in contact with your eyes balls. This encourages bacteria accumulation. Even if circle lenses are disinfected they do not become sanitized enough to be shared with someone else. It can also lead to infect your eyes with the same disease your friend has been unknowingly suffering from.

Circle lenses and all its affiliates such as big eye contacts, colored contacts or Halloween & crazy lenses should never be shared. Doing so; you will be running an eye infection which often is superficial but can become contagious too.

Would you like to share your friend’s underwear? If your answer is “No, hell yuck” then your answer should be no different for circle contact lenses too. 

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