Monday, 31 March 2014

Can I wear Colored Contact Lenses in Car with Vents Blowing Air?

Colored contact lenses may not perform well in extreme windy conditions. Therefore; you should be concerned about when you are wearing colored contact lenses and the car vents are blowing air on your face or when your face is directly exposed to the wind coming from an open window.

Can I wear Colored Contact Lenses in Car with Vents Blowing Air?

It has been observed that colored contact lenses tend to dry more quickly in an air conditioned building than the building with no such facility. One should always keep rewetting drops to infuse lubrication when wearing colored contact lenses to dry eyes.

Similarly; when the wind is blowing from the vents you should direct all the vents away from your face and should keep all the windows closed. Though some colored contact lenses may perform better in extreme climatic conditions due to the quality material used; one should still avoid taking risks. Wearing colored contact lenses on a speedy bike will also expose your eyes to dryness. Colored contact lenses with a higher degree of water content gets dry more quickly than those with less water content. Additionally; colored contact lenses with bigger diameters also have same effects on eyes when worn in windy environments.

The most sensible steps whilst driving is to avoid facing vents. Avoid instilling lubricating drops while you are driving because this may cause temporary blurred vision which create obstacles in safe driving. Removing colored contact lenses is also considered a good habit when exposed to dryness.

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