Friday, 14 March 2014

Harajaku Style with Skin79 CC Cream & I.Fairy Hanabi Pink

I.Fairy Hanabi Pink colored contacts

skin79 cc cream

I.Fairy Hanabi Pink colored contacts

I.Fairy Hanabi Pink colored contacts

harajuku face makeup

Harajaku style is one of the most famous "Street Fashion" that belongs to Japan. Harajaku style focuses on mix and match that is famous in Japanese teens. Harajaku is a station near Shibuyaa district Japan. Though the style is ever-changing like any other street-fashion it is not difficult to dress and appear like Harajaku girls. 

Harajaku fashion emphasizes on mixing different sub cultures of Japanese fashion so there are various trends. Some teens love to mix Lolita and Gothic style to invent their own Harajaku style. It is all about your own personal preferences and fashion tastes. All Harajaku girls have one two things in common i.e. " huge innocent play full & child like eyes" and " Flawless translucent skin".

To get impeccable and spotless skin; use Skin79 CC cream correct. It quickly matches with your skin tone and change its color to be the true and naked match of your skin. Skin79 CC cream hides imperfections quite successfully and make your skin glow like Korean celebrities 

For achieving expressive eyes our customer recommends I,Fairy hanabi pink circle lenses. This is how you can adopt Harajaku Style. Thanks to Riemi for the tutorial.  

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