Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Be a Gyaru with Big Eye Circle Lenses

HimeGyarus - courtesy: Lolitta wigs

Gyaru style is getting quite famous these days; and internet is the major reason of boosting this term up. Even the western world seems to be under influence of Korean and Japanese fashion trends. Gyaru is a Japanese term meaning “Gal”. Not to mention; either its Japanese Gyaru or the South Korean’s Ulzzang- big eye circle lenses have played a major role in the global fame of both the fashion icons.

Gyaru eyes

There are many gyaru styles which you can pick up according to your facial cuts and body type. An easy way is to get in touch with gyarus and be a part of their community via blogosphere and magazines. Gyarus are sometimes wild and glam; and sometimes they are cute and classy. Does not matter which Gyaru you choose to be- big eye circle lenses will be the most noted element.
Typically Gyarus have large big deep eyes featuring beautiful long lashes. If you want to be a funky and wild Gyaru then you should go for those big eye circle lenses that tend to give your eyes a mature look such as grey big eye circle lenses. On the other hand; get yourself some brown and deep blue big eye circle lenses if you wish to be a cute and classy gyaru.

A mature Gyaru with Grey big eye circle lenses

A cute gyaru with blue big eye circle lenses

Courtesy: apricitydollshouse

A cute gyaru with brown eyes

Gyaru style is thriving most in the teenage girls and girls in their early twenties. Some Japanese singers also adopted the look especially Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki gave this trend a hit-fame. Choosing the right pair of big eye circle lenses along with the right kind of makeup featuring liquid and thin black eye liner, liquid light foundation and light bronzer will do the gyaru look for you.

Remember; without big eye circle lenses you will be unable to bring the change in your personality. Be a true gyaru; choose your style first and then your big eye circle lenses!