Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown Circle Lenses

Get the beautiful candy eyes with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses. The caramel gold looks exotic on dark brown eyes. For a brighter contrast try I.Fairy Dolly+ brown on dark skins or Afro skins. You will be stunned by the vivid contrast of these circle lenses. I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are perfect if you want your eyes to pop-out. These circle lenses equip your eyes with a slight bulge which itself is very dolly and cute.

I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses sometimes look natural especially when you are staying indoors. The color stays bright under normal lightening conditions but in bright sunny day or flash you may find I.Fairy Dolly+ brown a mixture of brassy green. People seem to believe that the honey-gold brown is your original color rather than the color of a lens. I Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are good for blending so recommended for almost every eye color.

For blondes I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses is an exquisite match. The charismatic eyes and the charming blend of caramel gold in I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses look divine and captivating. The typical design but the rusty limbal ring creates big eyes that turn several heads for you.

Makeup with I. Fairy Dolly+ Brown
Copper- Bronze Smokey eye makeup along with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown will be a dramatic night time makeup that will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Make them look kawaii using Kawaii eyelashes and eye-liner.

Get the dramatic look with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses. Follow the makeup tips mentioned here along with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown to look magical for the next party!

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