Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Violet Contact Lenses: Geo Cessy Berry Big Eye Contacts

Ever thought that violet big eye contacts are not natural and make you look like an alien? Congratulations; this has been only a persistent myth and nothing else. Geo has come up with Berry Cessy Violet colored contact lenses that look natural, subtle and humble with sweet charm. The color is neither very striking nor very attention-grabbing; since the aim is to make your eyes look natural through out the day.

Geo Berry Cessy's whole range is sure to get your attention if you are looking to change your color of eye; yet your preference is to look very natural. On brown eyes they look very dark; kind of ash-blusih grey with purple tinge. Trying Geo Berry Cessy at least once is must if you count yourself an endeavor!

Read the review of Geo Berry Cessy Violet and see how do these look on brown eyes. You can also check the other range in three tone circle lenses 


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