Saturday, 16 November 2013

Anime Lenses: Geo Anime CPA6

Halloween is almost here; and the preparations are now over. Yumoirs got herself a pair of Geo Anime lenses i.e. GEO CPA6 for her cosplay look. Geo Anime CPA6 are not very enlarging but the effect created by these geo lenses is really very dramatic. The color and the design make your eyes look big and gorgeous. 

With GEO CPA6 your eyes define truly what anime eyes are- Big and Watery! Geo lenses manufacture some of the best cosplay lenses , but before placing your order for Anime lenses you should study the character of your cosplay. Read Geo Anime CPA6 Review and see yourself how gorgeous these anime lenses look on your eyes!

Submit your cosplay pictures to win a free pair of circle lenses.


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