Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stella False eyelashes: Is it Dangerous to Wear False Eyelashes Every day?

False eyelashes are nothing new. With everyday releases of new models of false eyelashes; this trend has even gain more attention. Since the last decade; wearing false eyelashes has become an essential step in achieving a “complete and finished make-up look” for both casual and party needs. Wearing false eyelashes everyday may be a bit dangerous if your chosen product is cheap and over-the counter. Stella false eyelashes on the other hand are high quality fashion false eyelashes that promise to keep your eyes protected whilst you wear falsies.

Do False Eyelashes Pose Risks to Natural Lashes?

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Though wearing false eyelashes is not itself harmful; but care should be taken while choosing the eyelash glue and eye lash remover. The harmful ingredients present in cheap eyelash glues that often come with the false eyelashes pose serious health risks. The cheap false eyelash glues may be the reason of eye infections, thinning of natural eyelash and allergic-reactions. Always choose your false eyelash brand wisely; such as “Stella false eyelashes” and use “Stella Collagen Eyelash glue” to complete the process. The collagen in the Stella glue acts as a protein-treatment and soothes eyes if you are a regular wearer of false eyelashes.

Often the cheap false eyelashes are the reason of sparse lashes; because they tear your natural lashes every time you wear and remove them. To prevent this; choose Stella false eyelashes since they are 100% hand-made and are carefully tied and knot. Therefore, unlike regular falsies Stella false eyelashes will never detach to its band to fall inside your eyes.

Stella false eyelashes neither cling to your natural lashes nor pluck or pull them out. The soft and velvety feel of Stella false eyelashes is not less than a luxury, comfort and a peace of mind. With Stella false eyelashes you can get the look of your dreams. Either add drama to your eyes choosing “Double-Flex Stella Fashion False Eye lashes” or accentuate your eyes for a soft natural look with Prime Natural Stella False eyelashes.

Have sensitive eyes? Use high quality clump-free Mascara instead for bigger eyes and heavier set of real lashes!

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