Thursday, 7 November 2013

Barbie Bella Four Tone Red Circle Lenses : Employed in a Kawaii Gyaru Look

Barbie bella four tone red circle lenses look so amazing with multi tones of red. They provide an enlargement of 16.2 mm and quite successfully enhance your eyes with red tones. Wear them for a cosplay performance or just wander out with barbie bella four tones red in your eyes to look seductive. 

In natural light these big eye circle lenses stay vibrant and seems to blend well with eyes. On light eyes; they more look like pink but still natural because of four tones. On dark eyes; you will get stunning vivid red eyes with barbie bella four tone red circle lenses. 

Four tones circle lenses always look magical and seductive. Read here in detail about four tone circle lenses.

Using these lenses one of our customer has created Kawaii Gyaru and Cute Creepy Look. Please help her decide in which look does this pair seem to play its role effectively!


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