Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Get Kawaii Dolly Look with Geo Grang Grang Choco Big Eye Circle Lenses

According to a research 90% of world population has brown eyes; therefore for a majority of world's population it has been always a difficult task to lighten up their eye color. If you also fall into the category of brown eyed people and have failed bringing any subtle change in your eyes that do not only look natural and classy but add an acceptable enlargement similar to kawaii then try Geo Grang Grang choco big eye circle lenses.

Geo Grang Grang choco big eye circle lenses help you achieve sparkling eyes. See the pictures here in Geo Grang Grang choco Review. The 14.2 diameter makes them suitable for those looking for natural enlargement. On the other hand if you want similar design in bigger diameter for a perfect Ulzaang Dolly look then have a look at Geo Big Grang Grang choco circle lenses

Here are some more interesting desgns and variety in natural big eye circle lenses.

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