Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Beuberry Vivid Blue Circle on Dark Brown Eyes I Blue Lenses on Brown Eyes

It is often a question that how blue circle lenses look on dark brown eyes. We get similar queries almost every day in which people are concerned about such a color of lens that does not only transform their eye color but also look acceptable- not kind of alien. There is an easy way to solve this bizarre guess game. Choose circle lenses according to your skin tone and keep these four factors in mind while buying big eye lenses

Punky Bunny in her review shares her opinion about Beuberry vivid blue circle lenses and shows that how amazing they look on dark brown eyes. Beuberry vivid blue circle lenses are very bright and opaque; they completely cover the brown beneath the intense blue. In her review she has imitated Ceil Kawai Style eyes and teach you how to select a dress for a cosplay. Here is huge variety of our cosplay circle lenses.

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