Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wear False Eyelashes & Makeup like Celebrities: Stella False Eyelashes

Aren't you inspired by Katy Perry’s fuller, thick and voluminous eyelashes? No matter how hard we try; most of us often fail to get this integrated look of false eyelashes. Do you spend hours standing in front mirror for applying your false eye-lashes only to have them fallen off just after the few minutes of application? If yes; find out below how to apply false eye-lashes effortlessly in just 5 minutes. Hang on; first do your eye makeup and then fetch your Stella false eyelashes. If you want a natural look; go for hand-made Stella false eyelashes. For a dramatic look; choose Glitter Stella False eyelashes or double layer Stella false eyelashes.

Step 1:
Prepare your eyes for a quick application. Using black liquid eyeliner; make a thin line- as thin as possible and apply mascara. This will help false eyelashes adhere to your natural lashes whilst eye-liner application will prevent any skin being visible between your natural and false eyelashes.

Step 2:
Measure your eyelid where you will be applying Stella false eyelashes. Trim them if necessary to fit your natural lash-line. This avoids drooping-off false eyelashes and awkward poking at corners at weird angles. Use small nail-scissor for trimming Stella false eyelashes. After having them trimmed; hold both ends of Stella False eyelashes’ strip and turn them into a C shape. This is to mold your lash strip to fit to your natural curved shape.

Step 3:
Using a Q-tip apply Stella’s false eyelashes collagen glue on the strip of Stella false eyelashes. Wait for 10 seconds; so that the glue becomes sticky. You can waive your lash-strip in air gently to quicken up the process.

Step 4:
Apply the Stella false eyelashes on to the base of your natural eyelash. Avoid sticking the lash-band on to the eyelid. There should be a generous quantity of glue applied at both the corners; since it is often difficult to keep the false eye lashes stuck at corners. The glue dries transparent; so there is no need to worry about glue being messy.

Step 5:
Wear mascara after applying Stella false eyelashes again. It is advised to avoid wearing mascara over false eyelashes since it decreases the life of false eyelashes. However; if your choice is handmade Stella false eyelashes from “Natural Prime Series” you need not to worry as these false eyelashes can be soaked to wash any residual clumps of mascara.


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