Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stella Paper Eyelashes: Who Want a Runway Look this Xmas?

Fancy a runway look this Christmas? The alluring big eyes with colored contact lenses have got another partner-in-crime i.e. “Stella Paper Eyelashes”.

Christmas is about striking colors where “red” enjoys a pivotal position. Adding up some spice to your red costume and stunning red-velvety lips with black Stella paper eyelashes can make you the topic of the conversation!

These intricately-cut Stella paper eyelashes have its “concept-history” hidden in “Chinese Paper Art”. Each design is a history itself; infused with a symbolic meaning. If you love playing codes and possess a mysterious personality; Stella paper eyelashes are rightly made for you. Wearing these Stella paper eyelashes according to the nature of event/occasion and your mood can make people draw closer to you. Be a riddle wearing symbolic Stella paper eyelashes and enjoy others deciphering your new traits.

A model wearing paper eyelashes during an ad campaign of China glaze capitol colors line

According to Chinese paper-art “deer & butterfly” represents freedom; whereas peacock is considered as the sign of luck. Similarly; different symbols have different meanings which make Stella paper eyelashes very unique and expressive. Stella paper eye lashes can be your style statement or may be used for updating an old-dress. Suffering from wardrobe deficiency? No problem; accessorize your old dress with Stella paper eyelashes and divert people’s attention from your old dress to your new expressive pair of paper lashes. 

Stella paper eye lashes are suitable for:

  • Theme Parties
  • Halloween
  • Cosplays
  • Gyaru Looks
  • New Year Eve
  • Christmas Makeup

Stella paper eyelashes can be used 3-5 times and are SGS Taiwan Quality and standard certified. They are light weight and are water-resistant* (tested with light contact of water only). Each pair of paper eyelashes is a piece of art which makes your eyes charming. Cut them as per your desires and wear only at corners for a “Day Time Makeup Look” or flaunt with a full heavy set of Stella paper eyelashes during a costume convention or in fairy-tale performance!

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