Friday, 8 November 2013

Princess Mimi Green Apple Big Eye Circle Lenses: Green Big Eye Contacts

Princess Mimi Green Apple circle lenses by Geo Medical create lovely gradient effect that stand out without being creepy. The three tones blend perfectly with your eyes; hence you do not need to fear from any kind of alien or lizard eye effect. The golden at the center and the emerald green when amalgamates with your natural brown eyes; takes a new shade that looks shiny and vibrant in natural lights and when you are wandering outdoors. The color of these  Princess Mimi apple green is so vibrant that it stays strong even in dull lights and is enhanced in flash and in strong party lights.

Get dolly eye look with Princess Mimi Green Apple big eye contacts and wear bold eye liner to get perfectly flawless eyes as are shown in the Princess Mimi Green Apple review


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