Thursday, 21 November 2013

Why to Wear Hand-Made Lashes?

Hand-made lashes are a second name of luxury, style and comfort. Stella Fashion eyelashes manufacture full, partial and machine-made false eyelashes. The 100% hand-made false eyelashes, made of nylon and 100% sterilized, by Stella; being sold under “Natural-Prime Series” has been the hot-selling luxury line of eye lashes.

Hand-made false eyelashes are velvety soft which ensure maximum comfort and durability. Hand-made eyelashes are not only very light-weight but are also very natural looking. Since every woman dreams of having long, lush and thick eyelashes; “Stella fashion eyelashes” is therefore thriving to turn impossible into possible.

Advantages of wearing Hand-Made False Eyelashes

  • For a Velvety Soft & Luxurious Feel

Hand made false eyelashes are velvety soft and light like a feather. While wearing hand-made false eyelashes your eyes don’t feel heavy and do not feel pulled down.

  • For Durability

Stella’s handmade false eye-lashes are durable and last you long if you keep proper care and wear by following precautions. Hand-made false eyelashes can be worn up to 20times or more without having them lose their original form, curl and natural shape.

  • For an Ease in Application

Since hand-made false eyelashes are light weight; it is very easy to apply them. Unless you are a beginner you can easily put them up in less than 3 minutes. Use Stella’s collagen eye-lash glue for a natural wear.

  • For a Natural Look

Stella’s Natural Prime Series of hand-made false eyelashes are sought for a natural look. The end of these lashes tapers like that of the end of real lashes. The light weight and flexible lash-band with velvety softness make you feel as if you are wearing your natural real lashes!

Specialty of Hand-made False Eyelashes

Hand-made false eyelashes are made manually where a worker is required to tie and knot every single straw of nylon to the lash band. These are hand-trimmed; so look very natural. When you wear hand-made lashes; you don’t have to worry about nylon straws losing its firmness and strength from being pulled at the time of removing lashes. Not only this; hand-made false eyelashes can be soaked to wash. Buy hand-made false eyelashes and look gorgeous for just $4.90!

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