Friday, 15 November 2013

Anastasia Shapinga Makeup Look with GEO Hanabi Blue Big Eye Contacts

Earlier we shared with you the beauty secret of Human Barbies; following which one of our sweetest customer "Sumibunny" created a makeup look inspired by "Anastasia Shapinga". Who would not crave to have big dolly eyes like Shapinga? It has now become ridiculously easy to transform your eyes; since it has been disclosed that GEO XTRA WTB82 HAnabi Blue is the hidden secret.

Geo Hanabi Blue are similar to I.Fairy Hanabi Blue except with the difference in the diameter. GEO Hanabi contact lenses are bit smaller in diameter than I FAiry Hanabi Blue. The color payoff is extra-ordinary and good for cosplay looks or achieving big dolly looks. The swirly crazy pattern is something to die for. They marine blue in Geo Hanabi Blue creates an effect of sea-waves which looks heavenly beautiful. 


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