Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to Study the Character for Choosing Cosplay Lenses

If you are planning to participate in a cosplay convention then you should focus your attention on studying the character; you have chosen to cosplay. Without prior research about character’s life it is impossible to come up with a commendable cosplay. Following are some Cosplay Tips that help you study the “Eyes” of the chosen character. Even though Cosplay Lenses have made it easier for cosplayers to get perfect eyes; it is still recommended to have a deeper look and get the professional’s help if needed.

1. First of all meet your optometrist if you wear spectacles. Know your latest prescription and judge various alternatives for buying your cosplay lenses. Either get your lenses from your eye doctor or order them online. Buying online saves you money and often there is more variety of cosplay lenses available in online stores of color contact lenses in both Plano and prescription.

2. Observe your character’s eye color and pattern. Let’s take a case study of Sailor Moon. She has large blue eyes with highlighting patterns. A thin black rim is also present. Search online for Cosplay Lenses and Anime Lenses; as most probably Sailor Moon’s cosplay lenses are to be found in either of the categories on most sellers’ sites.

3. GEO and EOS are famous for cosplay lenses. In this case the closest depiction of her eyes is Geo CPA-4 Cosplay Lenses/ Anime Lenses that are blue in color with the exact highlight patterns. If you are curious how these will look on real people eyes you can always take help from google images. GEO CPA 4 cosplay lenses available for $22.90 only.


4. After receiving your cosplay lenses; soak them overnight after taking them out from their vials. This way they will become comfortable and won’t be heavy in your eyes. You can also save your money by redeeming your order with points and win cosplay lenses for free by participating in monthly giveaways.

Cheers, Now Enjoy your Cosplay and new cosplay lenses!


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