Thursday, 17 October 2013

Get yourself noticed with Anime Lenses this Halloween

Anime is the new chic! Who on the earth does not like to have huge, amplified eyes like an anime character? Those big beautiful eyes sport expressions, emotions packed with flirt and innocence-both at the same time. Earlier; you could only see your favorite Japanese anime characters boasting those lovely eyes but boon is the fashion industry that paved ways for a new technology and introduced “Anime lenses”.

With anime circle lenses you can have eyes of your favorite character; be it a sharingan or a seductive anime doll! Imitating fictional eyes is now possible with new anime lenses. Aimes are famous not only in Japan but every one irrespective of the age; seems to be in the trance of anime characters around the globe. Have you also been hit by the waves of Animes? If yes; then show it off! Pose naughtily wearing your favorite anime lenses or support Uchiha Clan by wearing sharingan lenses this Halloween.

Anime contact lenses are also worn in anime conventions by cosplayers. Make a wise selection of anime lenses for your cosplay by studying the chosen character carefully. Anime lenses make you look so dolly that you can wear them even in routine life. If you crave for achieving supernaturally enlarged eyes; then anime lenses are sure to fulfill your expectations.

Anime circle lenses are the beauty secret of “Human Barbies”. Though makeup plays an important role in creation of big eyes; the importance of anime lenses cannot be ruled out. In fact; a pair of anime lenses give you the reason to begin with! Good news is this that now you can get your favorite anime lenses in “Prescription”. Providing anime lenses, cosplay lenses and sharingan lenses in prescription is something that sets Uniqso apart from other circle lens stores.

Have fun transforming your eyes this Halloween with your favorite anime lenses and be the attention-grabber!

Do not forget to share your cosplay look of Halloween with us if you want to win free big eye contact lenses.


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