Sunday, 15 June 2014

Maleficent Cosplay Circle Lenses

She is back. Yes; the “Mistress of All Evil” is back to once again devour everything that comes in her way. The villain from “Sleeping Beauty” with all her wicked powers & stone-heart lands again to avenge King Stefan- The father of Princess Aurora. Her signature green flames, streak of lightening & furious yellow eyes entrap the viewers in her malevolent personality.

Barbie Sasha 3 tones green & Geo SF73

Maleficent is based on a 1959 fairy tale; where the wicked fairy with special artifacts and dark powers casts a death-spell on the princess as she was not invited by the King in the christening ceremony. Angelina Jolie, with her high cheek-bones, atrocious gazes and mischievous personality enthrall the Disney fans around the world being the protagonist of the film.

The character is itself very rich and is bestowed with wicked visual elements that are crisp in redefining the “villainy”. This is why Cosplayers around the world find it a perfect choice to Cosplay. To Cosplay Maleficent, the first thing you need to pay attention is to get eyes like the antagonist Angelina. The characters shows furious and vicious eyes that reflect great enmity, loathe and malice. Wear Geo Sf73 crazy circle lenses or Barbie Sasha 3 tones green to mimic the evil queen eyes. The green signature flames and light streaks will further play the role to cast a greenish-tinge on her furiously betraying yellow eyes.

So what if you can’t transform yourself into a fire dragon, will o’ the wisp and into a spinning wheel like the mistress of all evil? You still can make others stay away from you by simply getting into maleficent costume.  

BUY Maleficent Cosplay Circle Lenses and Spice up the board! You can also save an idea for Halloween 2014. Maleficent Cosplay is not going to disappoint you and your crowd! Don’t forget to have your horns ready in the meantime.

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