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4 Circle Lenses’ Troubleshooting Advices

It is an established fact that circle lenses and contact lenses are medical devices that should be treated and dealt accordingly. Circle lenses and contact lenses need greater care & precautions whilst you are travelling, because one wrong move can risk your eyes. When stuck in a blind alley; people tend to risk their eyes instead of risking their circle lenses. Don’t you think your eyes deserve more attention than your contact lenses?

4 Circle Lenses’ Troubleshooting Advices

Through following troubleshooting tips; you can save both- your eyes & your circle contact lenses.

1. You are running out of contact lens solution; so instead of cleaning your lens case with the disinfectant you prefer to wash it with water

That’s a horrible negligence. Water contains impurities and microorganisms that can contaminate the circle lenses &cases. The contaminated circle lenses may induce Cataracts or Conjunctivitis which will keep you from wearing your circle lenses again for long.

Advice: If you are out of your contact lens solution supplies; it is better to prepare a saline solution at home. Saline solution is made from distilled water and table salt which is known to kill germs and keep your circle lenses safe from harmful bacteria. Never store your wet cases. Let them air dry by them upside down with lids off.

2. You are travelling and something out of a sudden gets into your eyes disturbing your vision. You have to remove your circle lenses but you have no solution at hand. Therefore; you clean them with saliva and put on back.

Another criminal negligence towards the hygiene of your own eyes. Cleaning off your circle lenses with saliva is a call to millions of bacteria which when get in contact with eyes may start eating them.

Advice: Always carry a travel size circle lens kit or a handy solution bottle so that you can take it out whenever you are to face an emergency. The intelligent circle lens wearers protect their eyes with goggles/ spectacles/sunshades when out wearing circle lenses.

3. Your circle lenses are still the same even after a year; so why dispose them off? You are still wearing the same circle lenses and your eyes are even the same sparkling & bright.

We repeat circle lenses and contact lenses are medical devices which need you to take proactive approach against bacteria culmination. Circle lenses should never be used past their expiry. Similarly keep a check on your disinfectant. Everything that comes with an expiry tag does expire and so is a poke for you to discard it off.

Advice: If you wear prescription circle lenses; keep your glasses in prescription reserved for a bad day. Instead of continuing wearing expired contact lenses; it is better to wear those grandma glasses for a day or two.

4. You have been using the same contact lens case since ages. You wash it regularly with the disinfectant so why on earth should you spend more bucks to replace it?

4 Circle Lenses’ Troubleshooting Advices
Dirty contact lens case

Contact lens cases develop bio-films. If you notice clearly you will see a thin slimy layer by rubbing your finger slightly in the wells. No matter how regularly you have been washing your cases; the plastic these are made from are subjected to weather. Nothing remains new forever; remember this.

Advice: Replace your contact lens cases every 3 months. If you do not have any lens case for now; you can sterilize your contact lens cases to use it more for a maximum period of three days. Replace your case as soon as possible

Always follow good sanitation and hygiene practices. Read how to minimize risks with circle lenses.

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