Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Latest Japanese Invention “Meruru” Removes Contact Lenses without using Fingers

“Meruru” Removes Contact Lenses without using Fingers

Where wearing and removing colored contact lenses is a trifle for many; there is still a huge population of people who resist wearing contact lenses due to fear of having their eyes being touched by their grubby fingers. Japanese have invented “Silicone Tweezers” known as “Meruru” that safely removes colored contact lenses and circle lenses by suction up.

Meruru device is basically“silicone forceps” that consists of an inserter & a shovel to seamlessly scoop out your circle lenses. After contemplation & researches of 3 years; Japanese company “Meditrek” finally has succeeded in creating the first of its type device in the world that eases in wearing & removing colored contact lenses. The numerous prototypes of Meruru led to the invention of a successful contact lens removing device which makes use of silicone than rubber because silicone is noted to be anti-eye-allergenic. The inserter is stick-shaped so you no more require to use your fingers for wearing and removing contact lenses.

“Meruru” Removes Contact Lenses without using Fingers
Meruru by Meditrek

Using fingers had once been the only way of inserting those contacts in. This would even ask you to stay super cautious by firstly washing & disinfecting your hands even before you could touch your contact lenses. Now; with this remarkable invention children, adults and teen-agers are expected to be benefitted alike. Using Meruru will keep your eyes safe from bacteria and allergies that are more likely to be transferred to your eyes through your finger pads.

Meruru is currently available only in Japan for 1,890 yen and is advised to be replaced as it becomes soiled.Meditrek plans to release the device overseas under its own brand name in near future; expecting high praise & positive feedback from the consumer sector.

Will you be preferring Meruru over conventional method of wearing contact lenses or do you find it scary?

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