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Korean Makeup: 3 Korean Ways to Frame your Face

Korean Makeup: 3 Korean Ways to Frame your Face

Korean cosmetic companies are prolific because Korean women with luminous glow and fresh airy skin are their success stories. Korean women strive for perfection when they talk about skin care & makeup. Korean makeup trends might make you go back in your childhood with those strawberry lollipops-sucked gradient lips and puppy fat at lower eye lids but they don’t leave you stray in your childhood when it is about framing your facial cuts & silhouette.

3 Hot Korean Makeup Trends to Frame a Face

Korean women aspire for dainty & petite facial cuts. Oblong faces with cute dolly eyes define the most attractive traits of Korean beauty. To frame your face the Korean way follow 3 basic Korean makeup tips

1. Defined & Fuller Eyebrows
Since Korean women love the “no makeup” makeup look; they prefer to stay natural in every aspect. An average Korean woman won’t leave home without having her eye brows defined. They avoid arches; so keeping your eye brows straight and fuller using a brown eye brow pencil or black- as per your brow color play an important role in framing your face the Korean way

2. Eyeliner
Ulzaang style framing of the face is the famous Korean makeup trend. Ulzaangs favor a natural face with a subtle glow & deep gorgeous eyes for which they often sport Ulzaang circle lenses.

Korean Makeup: 3 Korean Ways to Frame your Face
Solone Alice Smoody Pencil   

Korean Makeup: 3 Korean Ways to Frame your Face
Solone Alice Liquid Liner

To frame eyes ulzaangs keep their liner application thin with a tail at the outer corner. This is one of the most hot Korean makeup trend about framing your face. Deeply fill in the lash lines with an intense black pencil such as Solone Alice Vivid Fantasy Smoothy Pencil and line your eyes using a liquid eyeliner that would not only stand in severe Korean monsoon and will bravely fight in Korean Sub-zero temperatures. Solone Alice liquid eyeliner allow both precise and bold framing of eyes.

3. Hair
Hair should have been on the top of the list though. It is that important. Korean women prefer side swept hair or thick bangs and fringes. For chubby faces front bangs with a long layered cut will help making it appear slimmer. On the other hand faces with sleek cut are considered easy to go. They make any style look gorgeous. As a rule of thumb dainty faces look pretty with soft beach curls and side swept bangs.

If your hair do not allow you freedom of styling, it is advised to use Hair wigs as per your facial contours.

No matter in which of the world you are currently in, with Korean makeup and Korean skin care you too can get an edge over others. Eat pure, Stay pure & Look pure. That’s all about Korean makeup!


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