Monday, 23 June 2014

A Guide to Choosing Circle Lenses for Dark Eyes

 A Guide to Choosing Circle Lenses for Dark Eyes

Jay from Lioncourt cosplays bring an  awesome helping guide for the people with dark brown eyes that help them find circle lenses for their dark eyes.

According to her one must keep three facts in mind while choosing circle lenses for dark eyes. Emphasising on the color of the circle lenses she suggested that circle lenses that are lighter are far way better for dark eyed people. Lighter colored circle lenses pop out beautifully against dark colored eyes adding a whimsical effect. She further suggests that circle lenses with small pupil sizes should be chosen by people havingdark eyes. 

About the diameter of circle lenses; Jay expresses her views that larger circle lenses definitely make your eyes appear big and dolly. They boost up your self-esteem and make you look even cuter.

For her detailed analysis on circle lenses; please head over to her site and check her helping circle lens guide.

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