Friday, 28 February 2014

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise: Light Eyes

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise colored contacts

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise colored contacts

Choosing natural color circle lenses may some times be a bit tricky if you are unaware of how circle lenses tend to appear on different people with different skin tones and eye colors. Geo Cherry Holic turquoise circle lenses are one of the best natural looking circle lenses for people with light eyes. These circle lenses turned out surprisingly natural on guys too.

Circle lenses even from the same brand may look entirely different than how they look on your friends' eyes. This being said; we need to understand that circle lenses have different impact on people belonging from different races. Not only this;circle lenses also leave a unique impression on guys in comparison with gals. here are several Korean Male stars who have been successfully wearing circle lenses for quite a while now to alter the way they look. 

Boys should go for natural looking circle lenses with less enlargement and striking effect. They should also stay close to the natural color of eye. Geo Cherry Holic Turquoise circle lenses come in three tones where the orangish-yellow surrounds the pupil to naturally fade away with your eye color. This blending effect is marvelous which does not make you look bug-eyed or alien.

Geo Cherry Holic turquoise circle lenses are good for both the sexes. The outer ring is thick which despite of small diameter adds subtly to the enlargement. See how Geo Cherry Holic turquoise look on a guy!

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