Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Demon Eyes with Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Get a groovy and mystified experience with Black Sabretooth full eye crazy sclera lenses. Crazy sclera sabretooth blackout lenses cover eyes fully to provide intensely horrified visual effects. 

The intimidating eyes you get with Crazy Sclera Sabretooth lenses make sure to win every success for you- be it a cosplay performance or occasions like Halloween and  theme parties. These black-out sclera lenses come with a base-curve of 11mm so having a prior experience of wearing big eye circle lenses matters. 

They are comfortable but may be drying for some people. Crazy sclera sabretooth black sclera lenses let you achieve a tremendous blood and gore look. These lenses are completely circular with a diameter of 22mm. Sclera sabretooth black sclera lenses are manufactured under highly protected environment under ISO certification which makes them safe for your eyes.

You can be a demon, monster, evil spirit or can even impersonate yourself into a vampire. Simply grab a pair of sclera black crazy lenses or get an inspiration of your cosplay in Fetsu's Sclera Sabretooth Black Sclera Review 

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