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Stella False Eyelashes Troubleshooting

Stella False Eyelashes Troubleshooting

Stella false eyelashes manufacture all kind of glamorous and natural false eyelashes. For dramatic looks and party wears Stella has to offer “Layered False eyelashes” whereas for daily wears you are free to choose from the huge collection of Prime Stella False eyelashes.

Usually false eyelashes are worn by celebrities and makeup gurus. False eyelashes are not only meant for TV stars though. People skip wearing false eyelashes because they fear to look fake. Stella false eyelashes however make the procedure short and easy for you. This is how you choose Natural Looking False eyelashes.

Stella false eyelashes help you get the finished artistic look. Unfortunately; if worn poorly these alone can spoil the whole look. Wearing false eyelashes is an art and difficult for beginners. Consider trying following tips when trouble shooting with Stella False eyelashes.

  • How can I make my Stella False Eyelashes look even more natural?

Measure the length of your Stella false eyelashes. Cut them with small scissors to fit your eyelids. You can instantly give your lashes a boost by applying the falsies at the outer corner of eyes.

  • The inner/outer corners of my Stella false eyelashes do not stay glued.

After applying glue on the strips; try bending them in a FULL U shape. This will bring a slight bend in your “straight” strips. When you notice a curve in your strips; you are ready to start application.

  • How to remove Stella false Eyelashes without Yanking on my eyelid?

Tugging your eyelids is an excruciating pain. It does not only damage your false eyelashes but also may be dangerous for your eyelids and natural lashes. Always use a gentle makeup remover. It is best to remove false eyelashes with olive oil.

  • Can I Reuse Stella False Eyelashes?

Yes; this is the specialty of Stella false eyelashes that you can reuse them several times. Wash and sanitize them after every use.

  • When I try curling my false eyelashes; they get pulled off

Do not start curling your Stellafalse eyelashes right after the application. Wait for the adhesive to get completely dried. Pull your lashes off slightly to check if they are strongly stuck. Now you can grab a curling tool!

False eyelashes frame your face and add a touch of elegance. The drape provided by false eyelashes is alluring which make your eyes look deep and flirty. Share your experiences of Stella false eyelashes and your feedback if these tips were helpful for you.

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