Sunday, 9 February 2014

Geo Xtra WTA13 Green Circle Lenses Review

Geo Xtra Wta13 Green colored contacts

Geo Xtra Wta13 Green colored contacts

Do you have small and dark eyes to which you want to give a dolly eye effect? However;at the same time you are afraid of trying big eye circle lenses or circle lenses with 16mm diameter? If these are your concerns; do read Geo Xtra WTA13 Green Review. These circle lenses have only a 15mm diameter; subtle enough to adorn your eyes with a noticeable enlargement but comfortable enough to provide you relaxing big dolly eyes. 

With Geo XTRA WTA13 green circle lenses; dark brown eyes can be given a new definition. These circle lenses are partially opaque; whereas the limbal ring surrounding the circle lenses gives you the cute halo effect. They look like geo angel series. The color is very vibrant and shows up pretty nicely even on dark eyes.

New to green circle lensesLearn how to choose circle lenses before making a decision :)


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  1. aww these look so cute on you !!!!!