Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dolly Eye BT Brown Circle Lenses - Ulzaang Mania

Dolly Eye BT Brown colored contacts

Dolly Eye BT Brown colored contacts

Dolly Eye BT Brown colored contacts

As we all know Ulzzang are famous for their beautiful skin and natural looks. The best face focuses on huge big dolly eyes which are dark in color. Most often when ulzaang wear circle lenses; they typically wear black circle lenses. Have a look at different types of Ulzzang circle lenses. Dolly Eye BT Brown circle lenses being brown in color with a natural pattern seems to attract Korean Ulzaangs.

If you already have dark color of eyes; you should avoid going for black circle lenses as it may make you look possessed. Always choose circle lenses as per your personality or choose circle lenses that fit your skin tone

Dolly Eye BT brown circle lenses turn out to be moderately brown on dark brown eyes as it has yellow undertones. These circle lenses get vibrant in outdoors; and reflect light to look outstandingly bright and noticeable. During indoor lighting; Dolly Eye BT brown circle lenses are soft and natural. They however have been noticed to change color from brown to green, gold, yellow-brown in certain lighting.

The limbal ring adds to the enlargement of your iris and make them appear like dolls. Find out on what color of hair Dolly Eye BT looks best.

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