Thursday, 13 February 2014

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?
Brittney Spears

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?
Park Bom

The only purpose of big lenses is to change the color of your eyes. Big eye lenses that come with power can also be worn to correct the refractive index error. Therefore; it is not any debate whether or not circle lenses look good on non-Asians.

Circle lenses were not exclusively manufactured for Asians. True; that big eye lenses are being worn by most of the Asians around the world. The trend of wearing big circle lenses was given fame by Asian Ulzaangs, Gyarus and other fashion icons- these fashion icons are actually the internet gurus this is why big eye lenses became famous around Asia more quickly than the western region of the world.

This should not come as a surprise that big eye lenses do not restrict any one wearing them. Anyone who wants a subtle change in his/her personality can wear big contact lenses. They add dolly like enlargement to your eyes.
 It is an established fact that people belonging from all races are now wearing big eye lenses to pull them off beautifully. The only thing you need to consider is the color of your hair and eyes before buying big eye lenses. There are many celebrities from west who love wearing circle lenses and look no less than Asian celebrities who wear lenses.

Big eye lenses are acceptable for all. The strict legislations in west though make it hard for big circle lenses to penetrate as deep into the fashion industry of west as it is in the Asian cosmetology. However; as a good side note GEO Medical big eye lenses are FDA approved making it legal for people from west to purchase, sell and wear big eye contacts for a beautiful transformation!

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