Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to Spot on Fake Skin79 BB Cream?

Skin79 BB cream has several counterfeit products that are being widely spread in the mass markets. The fake Skin79 BB creams are manufactured in China. These pirated versions contain cheap low-graded harmful ingredients but the packaging has been so narrowly replicated that it becomes difficult to spot on the fake versions of Skin79 BB creams.

How to Spot on Fake Skin79 BB Cream?

Though it is difficult to differentiate between the real and pirated versions of Skin79 BB cream; we will learn some tricks below to spot the differences. We should not forget that the criminal faces behind manufacturing fake products are very clever and they stay much updated about any new changes in the packaging of genuine products. Their prices are slightly lower than the genuine product and this should ring your bell immediately.

  • Authenticity Label

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has got an authenticity label. You can scratch for the code and enter it at the website. This label is a relief and at the time of purchasing skin79 BB cream; you should look for the code on the bottle.

  • Instructions Language

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has instructions in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The fake versions have only Chinese narratives or none.

  • Hologram Effect

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has a hologram like effect at the BB Label and where it says SKIN79 at the bottom. This reflects light and has a shiny glossy appearance. On the other hand the fake BB cream has no such shining labels.

  • Extra Information

Genuine Skin79 BB cream mentions the website both at the bottle and the box. Contrary to this; fake versions do not mention the website. Common sense; right?

These are some of the easiest to spot differences.  As long as your Skin79 BB cream code is working in the website; you are covered. On the other hand you should ask for the refund or buy from the authentic sellers of Skin79 BB Cream!

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