Thursday, 27 February 2014

Valentine Makeup Look with Beuberry B.B Violet Circle Lenses

Beuberry B.B Violet colored contacts

Being Kawaii is being sweet and cute. Valentine Day can be the best day for displaying your makeup skills and featuring your beautiful lovely eyes. We already know that guys feel attracted towards women with big eyes. Now with circle lenses you can have both the jobs done. Be a Kawaii with pink/ violet circle lenses and achieve the illusion of bigger eyes with big eye circle lenses. Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses tend to perform this job successfully as these cover your eyes practically and beautifully. The violet is neither too light nor very dark; therefore enhances your original eye color just in a very acceptable way.

Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses are enough if you are looking for circle lenses with enough enlargement. With 16mm diameter Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses make your eyes look dolly and beautiful. The vibrancy is subtle and soft that is enough to make an impression on Valentines. 

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