Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Looking for Grey Circle Lenses with Dark Hair? Try Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray

Geo eyes cream ray ray grey have been one of the most favorite pair of circle lens for all those beauties with black hair. The grey apparently seems to be the most appropriate pair for a combination of dark eyes+ dark hair. GEO Medical has even reduced the pain of hunting the perfect pair by manufacturing Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey circle lenses Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey are very very natural; and creates a doll-ish effect. These circle lenses have no screaming enlargement; but they definitely are striking in a natural way!

Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey has a natural yellow inside which helps blending the grey with your natural eye color. Check out other natural grey circle lensesGeo Berry Cessy grey may also hit your likings!

Follow the Review of Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey if you think you like it!

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