Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Geo Xtra Plum Blue Lenses & Dolly Eye Makeup Tutorial

Geo Xtra circle lenses are FDA approved hence completely safe to wear. Geo Circle lenses are comfortable and the brand for many people around the world. Geo circle lenses can be checked for the authenticity. We ensure to deliver you only the 100% original geo circle lenses. 

Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses create beautiful dolly big eyes. Though the diameter is 15mm; the enlargement effect is huge and seems like 16mm diameter. Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses are recommended for small eyes. You can match these Geo blue circle lenses with your outfit to create dolly eyes. See the dolly eye tutorial & outfil help using geo xtra plum blue circle lenses

Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses has a pretty floral pattern and it is noticeable even when you wear. The plum blue is enough to show up clearly even when you have dark brown eyes. For more information on Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses please read the review by blogger Elixin.


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