Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dolly Eye Lucidae Green Circle Lenses on Brown Eyes for a Natural Look

Dolly Eye Lucidae Green

Dolly Eye Lucidae green circle lenses have a pretty pattern that looks like folded ends of a flower petal. They possess a bigger pupil hole so people with brown eyes can benefit more from dolly eye luciade green big eye circle lenses. The pattern takes the shape of a spider-web when worn and looks pretty interesting. 

The size which is just 14.5mm is welcoming to those who prefer natural big eye circle lenses. IF 16mm diameter is painful for you; stick with diameters under 15mm. Dolly eye lucidae green big eye circle lenses are from the most sought circle lenses brand of South Korea i.e EOS.EOS big eye circle lenses are ISO and KGMP certified. Choose from your favorite EOS big eye circle lenses to be the show-stopper next time.

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