Friday, 3 January 2014

Cosplay Circle Lenses: Cosplay Maduka with Sugar Candy Pink Circle Lenses

Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Did you know you can cosplay "Maduka" using  Barbie Sugar candy cosplay circle lenses from Dueba. Cosplay events are becoming an important part of one's entertinment life. By using different cosplay art pieces including wigs and cosplay circle lenses; you can add appealing factor and make your cosplay successfully. 

There are different cosplay circle lenses available from crazy patterns to big eye circle lenses with huge diameters such as sclera circle lenses. Cosplay circle lenses are used when you are trying to mimic an anime character; or any other fantasy character from Disney land or fan-fiction stories. Cosplay circle lenses can also be used in daily life  if you want a striking and spectacular look.

Barbie sugar candy pink cosplay circle lenses have a sweet baby pink color that is visible on both light and dark eyes;however they are not very opaque. Since they are not too bright; you can wear barbie sugar candy pink circle lenses during special occasions other than cosplay events such as in an "Orientation Party", farewell or on your first date!

Sugar candy pink circle lenses boast a 16mm diameter that make your eyes huge. The design is very simple with a thick outer ring which make you appear younger and innocent. They are very comfortable and are easy to wear. For detailed analysis and information on Maduka Cosplay; please follow the review of Barbie Sugar candy pink cosplay circle lenses. You can also check on "Dolly Eye Sugar Candy pink Circle Lenses". They come from EOS brand. Both Dueba and EOS are certified brands; hence are safe for your eyes.

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