Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Skin79 BB Cleanser Review

Skin79 BB Cleanser Review

Skin79 is a famous Korean skin care brand. Other than Skin79 BB creams; there is a famous and worth purchasing product from the same brand. Skin79 BB Facial Cleanser is to care for and nourish your skin. Skin79 BB facial cleanser comes in a pump dispenser. It is self bubbling and is all in one product to wash and clean your face from makeup traces and impurities. It keeps your skin firm and provides moisture.

It also has exfoliation ingredients which keep your skin fresh and glowing by removing dead skin cells. Skin79 BB facial cleanser can be used by people with sensitive skin because it is free from mineral oil, animal oil and coloring agents.

After using this BB cleanser one of our loyal customer "ichigoflavor" shares her experience in her Skin79 BB facial cleanser review. She opines," It made my skin soft and when i wash the product off; it leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. My sister also loved it because she had some pimples on her face and the next day they toned down on redness and eventually, they disappeared". 

For more details; read complete review of Skin79 BB Facial Cleanser.

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