Friday, 16 August 2013

Halloween Activities I 3 Steps How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is almost here. Why not do your homework before hand so that you can enjoy your Halloween holiday by staying creepy? Halloween is not confined only with choosing a creepy costume then disguising yourself into one using Halloween circle lenses but it deals on a larger scale with everything that is creepy and gruesome.

On Halloween you need to turn everything around you into a frightening nightmare. This is done by creating shadows using strobe lights, Halloween accessories, by fixing weird scarecrows along the way and by the creative carving of trick-o-treat Halloween lanterns that are made by pumpkin surgery.

Following are some brief steps which will help you carving your own pumpkin for Halloween.


Get a medium sized pumpkin and an appropriate sharp knife or alternatively a sharp dagger. Begin stabbing pumpkin at the stem repeatedly in a ring form to remove the pumpkin’s stem. When you feel your stabs have made a ring around the stem; try loosening the stem and pull it out. After removing the stem successfully; empty your pumpkin of all of its brain. You would like to scrape the brains with a spoon.

Using a bold/ temporary marker trace the facial features on your pumpkin. Draw eyes and mouth. If you fear your hand movements will not be too stable to cut through the marked features neatly; then go for a simple pattern instead of fierce or complex facial expressions. Using a sharp knife cut through the marked lines. Start with a small hole and proceed widening it with firm and stable movement of your hand.

Make a fake brain using simple circuit consisting of LED, a battery and a reed switch or alternatively lit your pumpkin using wax candles. Place the brain inside your pumpkin and get set go for yet another unforgettable Halloween party!

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